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    Romantic Salsa Lounge Music Acid Jazz Producer

    Romantic Salsa Lounge Music Acid Jazz Producer Delicious, Quiet, famous Lounge Bar, Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe,

    Two Performing lead Singers

    The Soloists

    Hosts at events.

    Mr Eugene 'Keys' Simon, Keyboard player, Pianist, Piano bar, BeachClub.

    Lady Singer Rachima

    Specialty by Eugène Simon. The writing of a text and a music composition.

    For international companies worldwide.
    These can then also be performed live while celebrating a special event for the company.
    Like a jubilee. Or launching a new product.
    The written text will give the company a better expression to their target group.
    Due to its contemporary character it is very suitable for publication on radio, television and via internet.
    There, both image and sound are important. An appropriate video clip is therefore designed.

    It is the best form of advertising at the moment !